In summer 2019, fresh from completing our master’s degrees, Danny and I had a discussion about starting a project. We wanted to do something that would combine our interests in history, travel and writing. From this The Wandering Academic was born. We’ll be using this blog to tell the stories of more obscure sites that we love exploring. We’d also love for this to become a place for others to send in the stories of the places they love visiting. So, if you’re interested in contributing to our blog and helping us create a ‘collective history’ of under-explored places then please get in touch!

A little bit about us…

Micah Mackay – I’m a medievalist who’s just finished a MSt in English 650-1550 at the University of Oxford. Before this I studied for a BA in English at the University of York. I love historic sites and am especially partial to a good church. In my spare time I can be found either singing with the choir in St John’s College Chapel or tucked away in some obscure corner doing a bit of writing (mostly poetry). @MicahMackay

Danny Bate – if anything officially, I’m a linguist, specifically a historical syntactician. I currently live in Prague, Czech Republic, working as a language teacher. In 2019, I completed a research MPhil at the University of Cambridge, before which I studied linguistics at the University of York, and I am soon to be a PhD student. In my daydreams and spare time, I’m a medievalist and avid church crawler, two passionate loves that I hope and aim to, one day, translate successfully into writing. @DannyBate4


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