Pilgrimage Challenge 2: Salisbury to Old Sarum Circular Route

“In this house for a hundred and fifty years, we have woven a rich fabric of constant praise. Things shall be as they were; only better, richer, the pattern of worship complete at last.” [1] (William Golding, The Spire,p.10) As I approached Salisbury Cathedral these words came to mind. Golding’s The Spire tells the taleContinue reading “Pilgrimage Challenge 2: Salisbury to Old Sarum Circular Route”

Pilgrimage Challenge 1: The South Dorset Old Stones Way

We arrived in the village of Little Bredy to the sound of the church bell bringing in the tenth hour of morning. Having not heard church bells since February this sound instantly brought me back to Oxford and how every Sunday I would open my window and be greeted by a chorus of bells, singing out across the city. The sound of that solitary bell in the middle of a small, remote Dorset village encouraged me. It was a good start.