Pilgrimage Challenge 2: Salisbury to Old Sarum Circular Route

“In this house for a hundred and fifty years, we have woven a rich fabric of constant praise. Things shall be as they were; only better, richer, the pattern of worship complete at last.” [1] (William Golding, The Spire,p.10) As I approached Salisbury Cathedral these words came to mind. Golding’s The Spire tells the taleContinue reading “Pilgrimage Challenge 2: Salisbury to Old Sarum Circular Route”

All Saints’, Isleworth

I stumbled upon All Saints’, Isleworth after taking a walk past Syon House on a lovely (and uncharacteristically sunny) afternoon. The first thing that struck me about this place was the fusion of the undoubtedly medieval and the even more undoubtedly modern. A fifteenth-century church tower stands tall next to the Thames. Attached to thisContinue reading “All Saints’, Isleworth”